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Jesse Stone – Sea Change DVD
Tom Selleck, Sean Young, William Devane
Directed by Robert Harmon
Based on the Robert B. Parker mystery
Made For TV 2007
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
87 minutes

One thing you can say about the made for TV mysteries based on Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series is they are visually stunning. You can also say they are well made. In Sea Change Selleck is perfect as Stone and the story is solid if less dramatic than in the previous releases. This is the fourth DVD in the series. The novel it is based on is the fifth book in the series.

This time around Jesse Stone finds himself a little bored with the lack of action in Paradise, Maine. On the advice of his shrink Stone find something to keep himself busy and this means opening a fifteen-year-old cold case related to a bank robbery. He also has to deal with a rape case right when Paradise’s biggest tourist event, the regatta, is about to start. The brother of a guy he shot is following him around. On the home front one of his officers is back on duty and another is disgruntled

The biggest difference between Sea Change with Tom Selleck and the original Parker novel is the central murder has been taken away and Molly is not on maternity leave. I also think a couple of subplots from other Jesse Stone novels made their way into this one. It does not quite matter though it is a bit more subdued than past efforts.

Mystery fans will notice a few similarities between this and Parker’s Spenser series. When Jesse Stone runs out of clues or things are at a standstill he uses the old stick a branch in the hornet’s nest and see what happens technique of investigation. Here, the cold case is connected to a bank robbery and this connects this TV adaptation to the first novel and third Jesse Stone DVD, Night Passage.

This is not the most action-packed TV movie in the series Aside from some fisticuffs and a very minor car chase the story is mostly investigative. It is also a bit loosey-goosey but nothing to stop you from enjoying it.

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