Benefit of the Doubt
A Jesse Stone Mystery
Tom Selleck
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

Benefit of the Doubt is the eighth Jesse Stone TV mystery starring Tom Selleck.  This is a franchise you can depend on. Selleck is excellent in the title role, the story is again very interesting and original, and the movie itself features the usual gorgeous and moody cinematography. Benefit of the Doubt is all Jesse Stone as past developments have lead to secondary characters being pushed aside.

The mystery begins with the murder of two Paraside police officers. Stone is brought out of involuntary retirement or un-fired, to solve the murders. Conclusions are eeasy to reach as there was money and drugs found with the victims. This is, of course, too easy, and Stone starts prodding around.

The Jesse Stone series has its formulaic side. Benefit of the Doubt features the usual visit to Gino Fish, a conversation or two with used car dealer Hasty, a conversation or two with Stone’s shrink and the State cop also on the case. These of course are part of the recipe that make the series so successful and interesting.

This is smart mystery TV. If you are not familiar with the Jesse Stone series, you really owe it to yourself to catch up. If you are, this one is as good as always.