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No Remorse Jesse Stone DVD
Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, Wiliam Sadler
Directed by Robert Harmon
Based on the Robert B. Parker series
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

The Jesse Stone mystery series is without a doubt a superb TV mystery. This adaptation of the Robert B. Parker books features solid acting and writing and absolutely gorgeous cinematography. No Remorse is the sixth Jesse Stone DVD.

Jesse Stone No Remorse opens with Paradise Police chief Stone (Tom Selleck) suspended without pay. A violent criminal is holding up convenience stores in the area and Paradise’s might be next. There is also a series of random shootings in Boston and State Homicide chief Healy asks Stone to look into those.

There is also the ongoing story of the relationship between Stone and his ex-wife, his dog, and Boston kingpin Gino Fish (superbly played by William Sadler)..

This TV mystery is darker and moodier than most in the series. It also helps if you are familiar with the characters and some backstory but this is not essential for the enjoyment of this Jesse Stone DVD.

If you are looking for an action packed shoot-em-up thriller with lots of chase scenes, No Remorse is really not for you. If you appreciate well-made mysteries with an interesting central character you will love this series and this title.