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White Collar Blu-ray Season One
Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffany Thiessen
14 episodes 3 Blu-ray discs
Aired USA Network
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

White Collar is an excellent and addictive mystery TV show about an FBI agent and a master criminal who helps him solve cases. The stories are as interesting and original as the characters. White Collar The Complete First Season features 14 episodes on 3 Blu-ray discs. This is a show that is best seen as a Blu-ray set as the background story is complex. This crime TV show was renewed for a second season and will probably be on the air for a while. DVD version at Amazon

Matt Bomer plays suave master criminal Neal Caffrey. Tim DeKay is FBI agent Burke. The two men have a grudging respect for each other so Burke wonders why Caffrey escaped and learns it has to do with his girlfriend Kate who, we learn, is in trouble. Caffrey convinces Burke to release him and let him help on difficult cases. Burke does. This allows Caffrey to look for Kate. Things are not that simple.

Each episode features Burke and Caffrey trying to take down criminals like a jewel thief, securities fraudsters, a crooked judge. All the while Neal is also trying to find Kate. A rogue FBI agent named Fowler comes into the picture and really complicates things.

Aside from the oft repeated threat to Caffrey that he is going to go back to jail if case X is not solved and a couple of easy solves there is little wrong with White Collar.

Especially good in White Collar is the growing relationship between Caffrey and Burke. Moz, the guy who helps Caffrey, is also an excellent character.

This is a smart, well-written, sometimes comic mystery TV show well worth your time.

White Collat The Complete First Season Blu-ray special features are commentary tracks on some episodes, a 12-minute gag reel, deleted scenes, Pro and Con and A Cool Cat in the Hat (features on the Caffrey character), and Nothing But the Truth, the backstory to the series.