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Rough Weather ? A Spenser Novel
Robert B. Parker
336 pages paperback

As later in the series Spenser novels go Rough Weather is decent enough  It is certainly not as good a mystery as early or middle Spenser books but it is better than School Days or Cold Service. Rough Weather is a comfy book for fans of the series who don't feel like making much of a detecting along effort. Parker himself does not make much of an effort.

Like the last third of Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels Rough Weather is a formulaic mystery thin on plot and big on semi witty exchanges. Here, Spenser gets hired by a wealthy matron to be her arm candy and bodyguard at her daughter's wedding. The Gray Man shows up at the wedding, the bride gets kidnapped, and Spenser decides to solve the kidnapping out of some macho code thing.

Even the appearance of the Gray Man, the series' best adversary, does little to make this Parker mystery especially interesting. Spenser spends a lot of time with Susan for not particular reason than to fill in the pages. Hawk shows up but he is limited to looking menacing, a few Uncle Tom type witticisms, and driving Spenser around.

The solve is especially bad; the kind of closure even a bad Matlock would not go for.

Spenser Rough Weather is an enjoyable airplane read you leave behind once you are done.