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Thin Ice ? A Jesse Stone Mystery
Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, William Devane
Directed by Robert Harmon
Made For TV 2009
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
88 minutes

I do not think there has been a better or as consistent TV adaptation of a mystery novel than that of the Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone series. Thin Ice, the fifth such adaptation, continues the series’ tradition of excellent writing, solid acting, and, something of a trademark to the series, gorgeous cinematography. This mystery DVD is a must for fans of the genre be you a Robert B. Parker fan or not.

Thin Ice follows Paradise Island police chief Jesse Stone (brilliantly played by Tom Selleck) as he tries to solve a decade old missing child case, the attempted murder of his State Cop buddy, and a review by the Paradise Island town council.

The Jesse Stone TV mysteries and DVD series all share the same moody overtones, the subdued performance of Tom Selleck, and interesting storylines that interest the viewer even if he / she had read the novel. The TV version is faithful to Parker’s book but manages to give the tale a new dimension.

What really makes this series (either in book form and on TV but especially on TV) interesting is Stone is a deeply flawed man and very much aware of it. He is even seeing a shrink. This makes him more accepting of others but also able to stand by his own values. In Thin Ice, it is what makes him interested in the cold missing child kid and deal with Paradise Island’s speed trap most definitely just because he finds it unfair.

Thin Ice, a Jesse Stone DVD is as excellent and moody as its predecessors: Stone Cold, Death in Paradise, Night Passage, and Sea Change. I also appreciate that the series has not undergone any changes over the years so the actors and characters feel comfortable to the viewer.

If you are looking for an excellent TV mystery DVD Thin Ice is an excellent bet. That it looks especially gorgeous on a big-ass widescreen is a bonus.

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