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384 pages

William Morrow (Mar 3 2009)



Don’t Look Twice by Andrew Gross is a follow up novel to the best seller The Dark Tide and once again features the sturdy and relentless Ty Hauck. Don’t Look Twice is exactly what a page turner should be from start to finish with only one false note in the entire story – we’ll get to that in a moment.

Andrew Gross brings a raft of skilled storytelling to the table in this third solo effort away from his partner in previous novels James Patterson. What makes this story particularly enthralling is not just the nature of the mystery and the plausible leads that the detective pursues but the absolute banality of the evil he is faced with. There is just enough of everything in Don’t Look Twice to keep most readers happy. A little bit of family drama, a little bit of mutual attraction, a little bit of good cop – bad cop, a little bit of tough talk from people who can walk to the walk.

The story gets off to a blinding speed start and keeps a good pace with occasional update/strategy sessions back at the police station. Without giving away too much of the plot a man is killed in a drive by shooting witnessed by Ty Hauck and his daughter. It looks like a revenge killing but the revenge doesn’t makes sense to Lieutenant Hauck who keeps pulling at strings that all seem to come up a little short. This is a well crafted piece of work save for one small part of the story when Hauck walks into what is clearly a setup a real pro would spot a thousand miles away and then seems genuinely surprised when the trap is sprung. It was the only weak moment in a book that delivered on every detail and resolved in a way that was as messy as real life often is. Don’t Look Twice is definitely worth your time.