Nikita The Complete First Season
Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, Shane West
22 episodes 4 discs
Originally aired on CW
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Nikita is a very entertaining action TV series starring Maggie Q as a rogue agent trying to get revenge on her former agency. The series, based on the Luc Besson movie character, is independent from the La Femme Nikita series so you do not need to be familiar with that to enjoy this one. This show is a better than average spy type thriller with more than its fair share of action scenes. The plots are pretty good and independent of each other but there is an overall narrative thread so you need to watch the shows in sequence. Nikita The Complete First Season features 22 episodes on 5 DVD or 4 Blu-ray.

In this version Nikita has gone rogue after the paragovernmental outfit she worked for killed her fiancé. The show begins five years later. Nikita is making it her mission to take down Division. As revealed in the opening credits for the second episode, she has trained someone and planted her inside Division as a recruit.

Inside Division, Michael is in charge of finding and eliminating Nikita. Michael knows Division boss Percy has been using the outfit for his own purposes. It turns out Percy is protected by the existence of black boxes containing Division case histories.

Most shows have Nikita and the outfit going at the same case from different angles or Nikita running interference on a Division operation.

An interesting angle is the focus on the recruits inside Division, especially Alex, Jaden, and Thom. I liked the Montreal angle in episode 5 although the bank robbers sounded Hollywood French school and not local

Special features for Nikita The Complete First Season Blu-ray are two Inside Division features: one on the new version of the series and character and a making of an episode. There are also commentary tracks for two shows, profiles of the main characters, a gag reel, and deleted scenes.