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Luther is a new BBC TV mystery series starring Idris Elba as DCI John Luther. The six episodes in this series have common story threads so must be watched in sequence. Luther is a very complex character and this series is much darker, more violent and gory) show than what you normally get from BBC. The writing is superb and the stories quite complex and original. Luther Season One features 6 episodes on 2 DVD.

Luther opens in a disaffected industrial plant. A man is running around followed by another man with a very determined gait. The first man is a child molester. The second is a detective. Something happens and the man tells the detective where the girl is. Cut to a few months later and DCI Luther is back on the job after being cleared in an investigation. He is also going through a trial separation with his wife Zoe.

He and his new partner arrive at a crime scene. Two elderly folks have been killed and the suspect is Alice, their genius daughter. Alice proves to be a great nemesis when she takes an interest in Luther.

Episode 2 has an ex-soldier man killing cops and the two secondary story lines moving ahead. Episode 3 DVD 1 features a very odd creep who kidnaps young mothers and writes weird stuff in blood on the walls of their home: this show is certain to make you queasy yet you do not see any violence.

Luther Season One DVD 2 begins with Luther chasing another serial killer, a criminal waking up from a coma, the relationship with Alice getting even more complicated, and DCI Schenk coming closer to the truth about Luther. In episode 5, a heist goes wrong and has serious repercussions on the detective.

This story crosses over to the season finale. One of the developments is forced but there you go.

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