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Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook
Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Michael Caine
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Originally released 2005
Warner Home Video 2011

Batman Begins Steelbook edition is not any different content wise than the first Blu-ray release or the 2-DVD Collector s Edition. This version is just another way to get a few more bucks out of the title. That said, the steelbook format is kind of cool and the features are a lot easier to get to than on the DVD version.

This is not the best of the Batman movies. Batman Begins is a new take on the franchise after the horrible Batman and Robin. In the mytharc it is the predecessor to The Dark Knight (Christian Bale and Heath Ledger). It begins with young Bruce Wayne on a self-discovery quest and ends with him finding out he is Batman.

In the middle of that there is a visit to a monastery where Wayne learns various self-defense and attack, a return to a corrupt and bleak Gotham City run it seems by a mobster named Falcone. There is also a new villain, Sacrecrow, who figured out a potato sack over your head is as effective as any other costume.

Katie Holmes plays a prosecutor and Wayne s childhood friend. Michael Caine is Alfred.

Most interesting is Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, the guy who creates all the Batgoodies.

The plot is somewhat convoluted and unfocused but in the end has to do with poisoning Gotham City with a hallucinogen that will destroy the entire city.

At 140 minutes Batman Begins is on the long side. It does make for decent viewing on lousy Sunday or something.

Special features for Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook are In-Movie Experience: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, and others reveal the movie’s backstory as you watch; The Dark Knight IMAX Prologue (in high definition); Tankman Begins: A Batman Begins spoof; The Journey Begins: Concept, design, and development of the film as well as the casting; Shaping Mind and Body: Observe Christian Bale’s transformation; Gotham City Rises: Witness the creation of Gotham City the Batcave, Wayne Manor, and more; Cape and Cowl: The development of the new Batsuit; The reinvention of the Batmobile; Path to Discovery: A look at the first week filming on rugged and remote Iceland locations; Saving Gotham City: The development of miniatures, CGI, and effects for the Monorail chase scene; Genesis of the Bat: A look at the Dark Knight’s incarnation and influences on the film; Reflections on Writing Batman Begins: with David S. Goyer; Digital Batman: The effects you might have missed; Batman Begins Stunts: Confidential Files: Discover facts and story points not in the film