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2 Discs
Yorkshire Television Limited 2000 & 2001
Approx. 5 hours

A Touch of Frost is one of Great Britain’s most successful detective series and stars award-winning actor David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost, a burly and quick witted policeman, with a strong moral compass. Perhaps a little dated now, A Touch of Frost: Seasons 7 & 8 is a pair of two-part stories aired as specials for Christmas 1999 and New Year’s 2001.

A Touch of Frost has fine acting by David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost, interesting storylines, and moments of humor. Don’t expect big guffaws, but this series does have a quiet, charming wit. The little touches of humanity added to Frost’s character make the audience enjoy the show that much more, and he is most certainly the reason for the success of the series.

Season 7 begins just before Christmas with police corruption slowly emerging in the dreary town of Denton. A crime squad detective is found shot, and a large sum of cash is found in his car. At the same time, a worker at the local power station falls to his death, buried by tons of coal, on the same day that his house is vandalized. In Season 8, a woman’s body is found spread over the railroad tracks and her amputated hand is found at a distance from the rest of the body. Amidst all of the crime fighting there is a sub-plot about Frost’s new partner and his possible drug abuse. Meanwhile a surgeon goes missing from the local hospital, and since almost everyone seems to have hated her, there are many suspects. But to investigate a murder, Frost and his partner first need to find the body.

Naturally the bizarre crimes are solved but at the last moments, without much detail involved. It’s kind of like they ran out of time and needed to wrap things up. There are many little sub-plots including a Frost impersonator and ex-girlfriends. As a favourite on British television, there’s no doubt that the series could be enjoyable had you been watching it from the beginning. It is dated and a very specific style, but fans of detective stories and subtle British humour will enjoy this classic.

Disc 1- Season 7: Line of Fire, parts 1 & 2
Disc 2- Season 8: Benefit of the Doubt, parts 1 & 2