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Sherlock ? Season One
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves
3 Episodes 2 DVD
Aired BBC ? PBS 2010
BBC Warner Home Video 2010

Wow! Sherlock is superb. This version of the Conan Doyle classic is set in modern times yet you cannot say it has been adapted or modernized. I've never been a fan of the Sherlock Holmes type mystery but Sherlock really keeps you watching. Sherlock Season One features three episodes on 2 DVD. Special features are limited to commentary tracks for two episodes and a Making Of. What will probably piss off a few viewers is the fact Season One ends on a cliffhanger that will be resolved some time in fall 2011. 

Benedict Cumberbatch creates his very own Holmes in but a few sentences and his version is fascinating. Episode 1 of Sherlock, A Study in Pink, opens with Watson, a Middle East War veteran having problems getting back to civilian life. Their first encounter, partnership, 221B Baker Street are very quickly established in the first episode at the same time as the first game is afoot. The game is a string of suicides that baffles the police.

Martin Freeman is Doctor Watson. He is much more his own man than previous Watsons have been. This makes him a more interesting character.

The series has some very nice bits of storytelling business. For example in the pilot, A Study In Pink, Watson is walking down the street and telephones ring as he approaches them until he decides to pick up.

Most appreciated about this version of Holmes is you do not get the impression the detective solves the case after performing an analectomy on himself.

The second mystery ties in a Chinese tea pot expert, a trader, and a journalist. This one stagnates a bit as Holmes tries to figure out the secret code that links everything together.

The third episode in Sherlock Season One has Holmes locking horns with a very clever adversary who has him solve various mysteries. If Holmes fails, an innocent bystander will pay. This is really, really good stuff though you wonder if Holmes cares more about the case than the bystander.

Special features are limited to commentary tracks for two episodes and a Making Of.