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Lie To MeĀ  The Complete Second Season
Tim Roth, Keli Williams, Brendan Hines
22 Episodes 6 DVD
Originally broadcast 2009-10
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

The premise for Lie To Me is Carl Lightman is a deception expert. He can read all the little clues we give off when we are hiding the truth. He and his team are called on to assist the FBI and other police organizations on various cases. Sometimes associates of the Lightman Group stumble on their own mystery to solve. Lie To Me The Complete Second Season features 22 episodes on 6 DVD. It is well worth the investment.

The one annoying thing about Lie To Me season two is it assumes the viewer is familiar with the show and its premise. In season one Lightman or one of his colleagues would reveal a suspect s various “tells” that lead them to uncover the truth. Now, the tells are pretty much glossed over as if you are as familiar with these signs as the investigators.

Lie To Me The Complete Second Season starts off with a superb episode where Cal Lightman meets a young woman with multiple personalities (a superb performance by Erika Christensen). The old multiple personalities plotline is usually a dud for mystery TV shows but the writing and Christensen’s performance-s really make it work. This episode, The Core Of It, is but a foreshadowing of other good episodes to come.

One episode however is disappointing. In the third episode (DVD 1 of The Complete Second Season) Lightman’s daughter Emily gets involved in a case. This would have been fun but the story is lame. The next one, Honey, where Lightman is taken hostage gets a bit tiring after a while.

Other episodes are quite good. Most notable are Grievous Bodily Harm, Fold Equity (DVD 3) set in Vegas, and Sweet Sixteen which partly shows how Lightman and Foster met though the story itself is messy.

One annoying thing about Tim Roth as Lightman is he skulks around semi bent over like a modern Igor. He also likes to sidle around like a crab.

It would have been nice if Lie To Me The Complete Second Season had included some kind of table of contents so you can know what episode is on what DVD.

Special Features on the Lie To Me Season 2 DVD set are deleted scenes and Dr. Ekman’s Blog. DVD 6 also includes a gag reel, Dr, Ekman / Dr, Lightman Lie Tutorial, and Eli Loker, an honest man.

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