Lie To Me The Complete Third and Final Season
Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines
13 episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 2010-11
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

It is a shame Lie To Me has been cancelled. As The Complete Season 3 show, this was an original crime show with solid acting and storylines. Perhaps viewers got a bit tired of Tim Roth’s manic, jittery, hunchbacked interpretation of Dr. Lightman. Roth’s take on Lightman never really seemed more than a series of affectations. The thirteen episodes of the 4 DVD Lie To Me The Complete Third and Final Season are a solid sendoff to a show cancelled too early.

Lie To Me Season 3 starts off strong when Roth involves himself in the middle of a bank robbery. The episode features quite a few nifty twists. Also excellent is episode 4 (DVD 1) where there is a robbery at a museum the Lightman Group was vetting while a damsel in distress gets Lightman’s attention.

The quality of the episodes is where Lie To Me stood out. Most are above your usual TV mystery fare and involved complex plots and, because of the nature of the show, characters. You never quite know what is going on in this show but you know you are in good hands; this is part of the fun.

This is also true in Saved where Lightman suspects a paramedic is not quite as heroic as it looks. This is one clever plot indeed.

The last Lie To Me episode pits Lightman against a young computer wiz. This is another excellent episode. Fortunately for the fans, the series does not end with a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

The back of the dust jacket lists which episodes are on which disc. A booklet with a synopsis of each would have been nice.

Bonus Features for Lie To Me The Complete Third and Final Season are limited to deleted scenes and an interview with Tim Roth.