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Lie To Me ? Season One
Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines, Monica Raymund
Originally aired Fox 2009
4 DVD 13 episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

It is impossible not to get into Lie to Me, honest! This TV mystery series posits an expert who reads people’s expressions and body language to figure out if they are lying. You immediately start playing along to see if you too can spot the clues to truth or deception. Season One of Lie to Me is really fun to watch and hard not to play detective along to, no lies. The Season One set features 13 episodes on 4 DVD

Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman. Lightman runs the Lightman Group: 4 people who are very good at figuring out if people are being truthful or not. Lightman and his colleagues are hired by various people and government agencies to look into cases and sort out deception from reality.

Even veteran mystery TV fans will have to admit this crime series is original. They will also not blink or sweat when they say the writing is solid and features plot twists they did not see coming.

The characters in this show are also quite interesting. Each has a different enough form of the talent that the form of the investigations and how they get to the truth are different.

An undercurrent story line in Lie to Me is what happened to Lightman that forced him to leave government employ and start a private practice and what started him on this quest for telling the truth through body language in the first place.

What is particularly fun about Lie to Me is its use of celebrity photographs to show certain “tells” when a person is lying. Look for Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush and his pal Dick in a lot of those photos.

The Season One Lie to Me DVD set is a solid addition to any mystery TV fan’s collection.

Lie to Me will be back for a second season on the Fox network Mondays at 9 P.M.