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Moonlight Mile
Dennis Lehane
William Morrow 2010
336 pages

There is an eleven year lag between the previous Patrick Kenzie – Angie Gennaro mystery, Prayers For Rain (1999) and the next one, Moonlight Mile (2010) and it shows. It takes Dennis Lehane a bit of time to get the characters and just the right voice back. Moonlight Mile is a little iffy in execution but it has so many other things going for it you overlook that.

Moonlight Mile picks up the story from the first Kenzie – Gennaro mystery, Gone, Baby, Gone. The 4-year-old Patrick Kenzie brought back to her mother is now a teenager and has run away from home. Her aunt asks Patrick to find her again. This is a short point between the now married Kenzie and Gennaro as Angie was never for bringing Amanda back to her mother.

Eventually the Russian mob and a kidnapped baby enter the story.

What makes this Dennis Lehane mystery stand out from the pack is the characters in this series age. Lehane is also realistic in his story arc so Kenzie, now married and with a young daughter, works for a bunch of rich lawyers and this is sometimes to protect the guilty party in a case, or to blow the whistle on a do-gooder. It is nice to see a not holier than thou detective who always does the right thing.

Moonlight Mile is a good mystery novel, after a while. Fans of the series will read it to find out what happened. This is not the Dennis Lehane novel you want to introduce someone to the series with.