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Bruce Greenwood, Jensen Ackles, John Di Maggio, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Isaacs
Director: Brandon Vietti
Studio: Warner Home Video 2010
75 minutes

Batman: Under the Red Hood; the newest Batman animated film is easily DC/’s strongest animated production since last year/’s Green Lantern: First Flight. Under The Red Hood (URH) combines solid animation, an all-star voice cast, and one of the most compelling Batman storylines in recent memory.  Essentially this is a distillation of five Batman story arcs and while it leaves out some characters and sub plots the writing is very well done. The movie only has one distinct flaw – one of the key villains is there as nothing more than comedic filler taking up space between Batman and the other villains of the story. Other than that one nitpick, Under the Red Hood delivers on all levels.

The story of URH essentially revolves around Batman and his relationship with the 2nd incarnation of Robin the Boy wonder; Jason Todd. This relationship becomes extremely strained when Jason undergoes an undeniably tragic life altering experience  after which Batman begins a massive guilt trip throughout the whole movie. While the story doesn/’t have any major twists, it does a very solid job at pacing and has one magical moment that tugs at the heart strings.  The voice acting is absolutely superb, featuring stars such as Neil Patrick Harris and John DiMaggio.

Batman Under the Red Hood is probably the best animated Batman movie ever made, and debatably the best one overall (depending on how you feel about the Dark Knight and the Tim Burton Batman). This movie is an absolute must see if you are a comic book fan and a definite recommendation for anyone who enjoys Batman at all. For those who are indifferent to  Batman it is still worth a try.