Robert Pobi
Touchstone 2012

Bloodman should come with a halogen nightlight. This Stephen King meets Michael Connelly thriller is scary, creepy, page turning, original, bloody … very bloody, superb.  It is hard to believe Bloodman (also known as Eye of the Storm) is the first Robert Pobi novel.

Jake Cole is an FBI consultant with quite a few demons. One is his father, Jacob Coleridge, a famous American painter. Cole is forced to return home after his now deranged father sets himself on fire. Soon after, he is called in on a murder scene where a mother and child were skinned alive. It is not the first time he encounters that particular scene and such killings date back to when Cole’s mother was killed. To add to the tension there is a category five hurricane on its way and the killer may be after Cole’s wife and kid.

Robert Pobi takes a while to build up the tension in Bloodman but he sure knows how to build it. The more you get into this thriller, the more you realize it is nothing like you’ve read before. Jake Cole, his wife, his father, the local sheriff, the doctor in charge of Jacob Coleridge, and Jacob Coleridge himself are nothing like any character you’ve read.

When the puzzle pieces come together, literally, you just have to admire Pobi’s cleverness in how he planted the solution in a previous chapter.

As for the solve, well, wow!

Bloodman by Robert Pobi is not for the squeamish but anyone who likes a good thriller will devour this one.


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