What bona fide mystery lover could resist a title like that?

James Patterson and Brian Sitts have released a new mystery starring the enigmatic trio of private investigators Brendan Holmes, Margaret Marple and Auguste Poe who share many of the quirks and sensibilities of their famous predecessors.    Available at Amazon US as Holmes, Marple and Poe.

Sophisticated, stylish, and hyper-intelligent, not to mention confident and cocky, they use their considerable skills and resourcefulness to solve the seemingly unsolvable crimes, often outmanoeuvering and embarrassing New York’s finest.

The story begins when they purchase a former bakery to renovate, with suites upstairs and offices below. Quite fittingly, the bakery was the scene of an unsoslved murder many decades prior.

Because they arrive as unknown PIs, the trio drums up business in a “go big or go home” fashion. Their exemplary skills set them far above the mere mortals in blue, forging allies and enemies in the process.

Art crimes, kidnapping and murders are on the agenda, while more is revealed about their backgrounds, identities, and the weak spot that may cost one of them their life.

Holmes, Marple and Poe is an intriguing, fast, and easily-read book with plenty of action, investigation and sometimes dark and disturbing surprises.

You simply have to keep turning the pages!

I enjoyed the characters’ unique traits and resemblance to the originals. I assume that the novel serves as an introduction to a series, so I look forward to the unveiling of more.

This may not be the case for others, but I prefer an in-depth investigation of one or two events. Multiple cases can change tracks often to spread the plot and focus a bit thin and distract from the true brilliance of the players.

That being said, Holmes, Marple and Poe is layered and complex. It is an engrossing and satisfying read.

This novel will be released in Canada on March 26 under the title Holmes, Margaret and Poe.

Available at Amazon Canada

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