Fueled by her interest in the secrets we keep, Nicole Trope has penned the psychological thriller The Family Across the Street. The Family Across the Street by Nicole Trope at Amazon.

Something is going on behind closed doors on Hogarth Street. When new resident Katherine West will not open her door and refuses the computer she ordered, Logan the well-tattooed delivery man has an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. Lucky to have a job because of his imposing appearance and criminal record, he declines to investigate.

The neighborhood Gladys Kravitz, whose name is coincidentally Gladys, observes and notices little things that seem odd to her. They begin to add up, but because of her history of calls to the local PD, she is not taken seriously.

On this stiflingly hot day, oblivious to the rest of the world, a frightening drama is unfolding just across the street.
Katherine and her two young children are being terrorized by a man from her past.

The Family Across the Street gets in your head.

Well-written, it is dramatic, intense and definitely frightening.

NIcole Trope’s descriptions are detailed and vivid. The Family Across the Street is one big moment that she captures and makes you feel like you’re in it.

Because of the subject matter, I cannot say that I enjoyed the book, but I was compelled to finish it. (It does end on a hopeful note.)
That being said, readers may find some scenes disturbing.

The Family Across the Street
NIcole Trope
Psychological thriller
Bookouture 2021
248 pages

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