Oh what a tangled web! The Truth About the Accident (click link to buy at Amazon) is an exciting thriller by Australian author Nicole Trope.

Reports are pouring in to emergency services. A man has been hit by a car. Why he was on foot in traffic, in the middle of Sydney’s Williamsburg Road during a late evening rainstorm is anyone’s guess.

Despite multiple calls, the police are having difficulty reconstructing the accident and laying blame.

If the victim survives, his life and that of those around him will be inalterably changed.

Damon Kennedy, the exquisitely handsome, rich Damon Kennedy is seriously injured. Marla is at his hospital bedside, conscious of their recent fight and holding together her well-practiced appearance of perfection as his devoted wife.

Their marriage is not a happy one, but Marla has learned to live with her husband’s dalliances.

The other women have meant nothing, but this time, they must come together.

The premise of The Truth About the Accident by Nicole Thorpe is more than interesting. The characters are real, yet deeply flawed.

Sourced from the minds and hearts of Damon’s women as well as a mystery narrator, The Truth About the Accident reveals interesting insights into their lives and motivations. It is not fluff. If it doesn’t evoke strong reader emotions, then it will at least elicit questions about why love endures and how otherwise intelligent women can become unwitting victims of handsome, charismatic, and lying men.

It certainly throws into question values and morals, and the idea that what is beautiful is good.

The Truth About the Accident is a suspenseful and engrossing page-turner. We never know who’s really in charge, and whether Damon will live or die. It remains exciting until the absolute end.

If they are all like this one, I can’t wait to read more books by Nicole Trope.

The Truth About the Accident
Nicole Trope
Grand Central Publishing 2024
256 pages

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