The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Michael Connelly
A Harry Bosch NOvel
Little, Brown and Company 2016


In The Wrong Side of Goodbye detective Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire to find out if he has an heir and also works for the San Fernandino PD and discovers there is a serial rapist on the loose. This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent. One of the many reasons for this is Coonnelly knows his readers are intelligent so he occasionally leaves a subtle tell that keeps them a step ahead of Bosch on some points: it is a good feeling. Kindle: The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 19) on Kindle

This is the twenty-first installment in the Harry Bosch series. In its predecessor The Crossing Michael Connelly was a little tentative with Bosch as a retired police detective working private cases. He elegantly solves the problem here by having Bosch work part-time for the SFPD which also gives him time to work private cases.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye refers to the position Whitney P. Vance found himself in as a young man when he was forced by his very wealthy father to had to give up his relationship with a Latina he had fallen in love with and gotten pregnant Now a very old and sick man, Vance wonders if he has an heir he can leave everything to in hope of making up for his cowardice at the time. He hires Bosch to find out. Though Vance’s business partners do not know why Vance hired Bosch, they suspect his investigating will get in the way of their getting everything when the old man dies.

The secondary story line in this Michael Connelly mystery involves him partnering with a SFPD detective named Bella Lourdes and looking into a series a rapes. Though it is not the main story, Michael Connelly makes it just as relevant and just as interesting.

Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer and Connelly’s other series character, makes an apperarance here and it is handled perfectly.

I’ve been a Michael Connelly fan from day one of the paperback issue of the first Harry Bosch mystery The Black Echo. Every Connelly is a must read for any mystery fan.

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