The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book
Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Spacey
Directed by Bryan Singer
Originally released 1995
MGM 2011

The Usual Suspects features stellar actors and Stephen Baldwin. It also features a rather complex narrative told in a series of overlaid flashbacks. This thriller is not hard to keep track of but you cannot watch it absentmindedly.  The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book edition features a 22-page booklet with pictures from the movie and info about the actors.

The usual suspects begins with a flashback to the end of a heist gone wrong on a boat moored at an L.A. pier. The story is told by a crook named Verbal (Kevin Spacey, Best Supporting Actor) to a U.S. Customs agent. The Customs agent has a hard on for an ex-cop named Keaton (Byrne) who seems to be the head of the operation

The story Verbal tells begins with the arrest of him and his pals and a very odd line-up. They are set free, decide to pull a heist that will get the entire police force in trouble just to get even for being arrested.

That job makes them go to L.A. to fence the jewels they stole and there, after a sure-fire heist that goes wrong, the gang is made an offer they cannot refuse by a mysterious, powerful, and legendary bad guy named Keyser Soze.

Also interested in the story Verbal is telling is an FBI agent played by Giancarlo Esposito.

The Usual Suspects is a very original thriller. The weak link is of course Stephen Baldwin.

There are unfortunately no special features for The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book