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The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo
Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner
Directed by Ben Affleck
Warner Home Video 2010
125 minutes

The Town is a good guy's flick: action scenes, chase scenes, gun play, and bank heists. The Town is a good chick flick: one of the bank robbers falls for the manager of a bank he robbed. These two stories do not quite work together but the combination is good enough to make for an entertaining evening. The Town Blu-ray DVD combo comes with the usual special features like digital copy, director's commentary, and features on various aspects of the movie.

Charlestown, MA is known for producing generations of bank robbers. One of these is Dough (Ben Affleck) a Townie who could have left but finds himself doing the same thing his old man did. He and his crew rob a bank and are forced to take a hostage. One of the crew, James (played by Jeremy Renner), wants to take care of the hostage – witness. Doug wants to make sure there is a problem, finds out there is not one, and he and the bank manager (Rebecca Hall) start dating. An FBI agent gets involved.

There are a few too many secondary stories in The Town. Doug's mother left when he was six. He is sort of the boyfriend of his best friend s sister. A guy who uses a flower shop as a front seems to be the brains behind all the operations but there is something else about him that is not explained.

The actions scenes are quite good and one of the chase scene in the narrow Charlestown streets is very good. The heists are also good including the one at Fenway Park.

The Town is a movie a guy and girl can both enjoy but that is not really going to leave a mark on either.

The Town Blu-ray DVD combo includes an extended cut, almost 25 minutes!, director s commentary tracks on both, and the usual features about location and so on.