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Salt Blu-ray
Angelina Jolie, Live Schreiber
Directed by Phillip Noyce
Written by Kurt Wimmer
Sony Home Entertainment 2010
100 minutes

Angelina Jolie kicks ass in Salt, a very good geopolitical thriller Blu-ray. Director Phillip Noyce proves it is possible to tell a complex story in less than the usual two or two and a half hours other directors seem to need to produce a lesser movie. The Blu-ray version of Salt comes with an unrated Director's Cut and an unrated extended cut but that is just stupid filler.

Salt is a CIA agent. One day a man walks into one of the agency s cover companies to turn himself in. He tells an interesting story of a generation of sleeper agents planted by communist Russia during the cold war and says Salt is one of them. Her mission is to kill the Russian Premier.

Stuff happens and the CIA goes chasing after Salt creating lots of opportunities for car chases, shooting lots of bullets, and many explosions.

This action thriller s one weak point is the stunts are way beyond belief. This takes away from an otherwise very smart, complex, and well-told story.

Salt Blu-ray is a keeper.

Special features are variations on the usual making of, commentary tracks bells and whistles.