Into the Blue
Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin
Directed by John Stockwell
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005
110 minutes


Into The Blue stars Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) and Jessica Alba (Fantastic 4) as Jared and Sam, in an action adventure film shot in the Bahamas that will please adventurers of all sorts. Jared and Sam are a young couple, in love and out of money. When a childhood friend comes for a visit with his girlfriend of the hour, the two couples head out for some diving, and make a discovery that could change their lives.Into The Blue is beautifully filmed, with a lot of diving scenes, both with scuba tanks and without (free diving). The underwater scenes are amazing, giving a real 360o perspective of the underwater environment, and they let us really get a feel for the surroundings. The visuals on this film are beautiful…the ocean – both in and out, the land, and the people all make you want to pack your bags, leave, and become an underwater treasure hunter.

Walker and Alba give strong performances in Into The Blue and also do a lot of their own stunts. Scott Caan as Bryce is convincingly irritating, pushing his best friend to make questionable decisions. This also brings in an aspect of morality to the film that shows us how easy it is to be led astray, with small decisions leading to big consequences.

The Into The Blue special features are also really worth checking out in this film. The deleted scenes help to clarify some things, and the “making of” gives a useful perspective on the diving done in the film.

ll in all Into The Blue is a really good film, worth watching for the many good reasons mentioned above.


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