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Melissa George, Phillip Mitchell
Written and directed by Amanda Gusack
MGM Home Entertainment 2009
98 minutes

Melissa George (Grey’s Anatomy) and an uncredited Phillip Mitchell star in The Betrayed. This is one hell of a superb movie. If you like smart, taut, well-made thrillers, The Betrayed has to be on your must watch and must keep list. Writer director Amada Gusack certainly knows how to make a solid thriller and proves you do not need a big budget to do that.

George plays a housewife named Jamie. Jamie and her son are kidnapped by a bad guy in a mask and kept in a disaffected warehouse. It seems Michael, Jamie’s husband, was part of organized crime –no not the kind on Wall Street—and swindled 40 million from the people he was working for. If Jamie figures out where Michael hid the money so the bad guys can get it back she and her son can go free.

It is amazing what Gusack can do with a one-room set and basically two characters. There are no explosions, car chases, special effects, or any other such padding in this movie.

Jamie’s slow realization that Michael was not who she thought he was is also deftly presented. There is no willing suspension of disbelief needed in The Betrayed. You more than willingly go along with the story and the thriller has you both guessing and on the edge of your seat for the entire 98 minutes.

George is great in the lead role, as is Mitchell. Jamie is a smart, interesting character and a nice change from the wimpy female leads too often presented in this kind of movie. The story is intelligent, well-paced, and the plot twists really work both in terms of logic and in terms of keeping the viewer guessing and interested.

The Betrayed is an excellent thriller DVD.