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A Touch of Frost Season 1
David Jason, Bruce Alexander, 3 Episodes 2 DVDs

A Touch of Frost Season 1 is a 2 DVD 3 episode set and not worth getting if you already have the tape version. The picture quality of the DVD is not any better than that of a tape viewed four or five times. The episodes in this Frost set are Care and Protection, Not With Kindness, and Conclusions. All three feature the usual perspicacious if sometimes a bit dodgy and lucky investigating by D.I. Frost, solid writing, great acting, and a good dose of humor.

Care and Protection is the 2 and a half hour first episode of A Touch of Frost. Here, fans of the series find out how Jack Frost’s wife died, how he got the George’s Cross, and why he is so reluctant to talk about it. Frost also investigates a missing child case and comes across a thirty-year-old skeleton manacled to a metal box.

DVD 2 features the episodes Not With Kindness and Conclusions. Not With Kindness also features a story about a missing girl. It also has a woman who is receiving threatening phone calls and, most fun, the adventures of Jack Frost as his sister-in-law stays for a visit after the funeral.

Conclusions, episode 3 of A Touch of Frost Season 1 has Jack Frost investigating a hit and run and a robbery at a local casino. There is also a cop having an affair, Frost’s young partner being unhappy and putting in for a transfer, and a bank robber on the lam. Frost also becomes involved in a hostage situation. Conclusions is certainly one of the darkest episodes in the entire Frost series.

If, like me, you are going backwards in the series to A Touch of Frost Season 1, the shows take a little bit of getting used to in terms of character dynamics. The partnership between Frost and George Toolan is not yet established and though the on again off again relationship between Mullett and Frost is already there, it does not yet have that old bickering couple feel to it.

It is interesting how solid A Touch of Frost was even in its first shows and how well David Jason understood his character from day one. For Frost fans who have not seen the early shows, season one might not be a bad purchase though, because of the very ordinary picture quality, I would look into some kind of online rental deal. And I’m not telling porkies.


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