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A Touch Of Frost Seasons 11 & 12
David Jason, Sally Dexter, Bruce Alexander
3 Episodes / 2 DVDs
Originally aired 2003-05
MPI Home Video 2006
4 hours 35 minutes

A Touch Of Frost is a great ITV mystery series starring David Jason. In A Touch Of Frost, Seasons 11 & 12 Detective Inspector Jack Frost is back after a seven month suspension for beating on a child molester. David Jason, who plays Inspector Frost is also back and in fine form as is his ability to add a deft comic touch to each episode such as when he comes back from the dentist and tries to eat his lunch and have his cuppa. The three episodes included in this mystery DVD collection are up to this mystery television series' usual standards.

A Touch Of Frost Seasons 11 & 12 features three episodes of this British television mystery series that originally aired between 2003 and 2005. The first mystery in this 2 DVD 3 episode set is Another Life. A floater gets Detective Inspector Frost's (David Jason) attention, especially after he discovers the man was leading a double life. At the same time there is intrigue and backstabbing before a local dance competition as well as a corpse with two left feet. An adroit viewer will easily make the link between this last mystery and the goings on at the dance club. This Touch Of Frost mystery is not the best of the bunch as the investigations around both murders do go on a bit and the dance hall people are not particularly interesting character. Still, this television mystery is superior to most stuff of its kind. Particularly enjoyable is Frost's ongoing tooth problem and the brilliant bit where he is described a root canal as he is watching construction workers drilling a hole.

Dancing in the Dark is the second mystery in this 2 DVD, 3 episode A Touch Of Frost set. Plot wise, this is a very good whodunit where the cases of the body of a man found at a recycling plant, a dead escort, and a suicide keep the detective. David Jason plays Inspector Frost with his usual blend of proper British gentleman and stiff upper-lip comic timing. In addition to being a great mystery, this episode features some particularly fine writing and more than the usual funny bit when Frost decides to take up going to the gym and goes shopping for gym shoes. Detective Inspector Frost's latest sidekick is not particularly interesting but he does prove to be useful for the technically challenged inspector.  It is interesting to note that in both season 11 episodes of this British television mystery series the coppers rely on illegal searches to solidify their cases.

Near Death Experience is the season 12 episode in this A Touch Of Frost collection. Toolan is injured while accompanying the Detective Inspector when he tries to talk a man off a ledge. Frost is faced with a mysterious murder that echoes a previous case handled by Detective Constable Razor Sharp and soon reveals itself to be a serial killer's latest. To add to the challenge of solving this case, a profile is assigned and gets under the detective's skin. Her ex-boyfriend, a very mysterious man hated by the victim's family would seem to be a prime suspect. The writing is, here again superb, as evident in this exchange between the inspector and the profiler:

Profiler:  "You're (sic) killer is living an emotionally shut-down life."

Frost: "That could apply to half the male population in the country."

Profiler: "I agree, mostly men of a certain age."

This episode of A Touch Of Frost is the one where the mystery is thickest and will keep viewers of this British television copper show guessing all the way.

A Touch Of Frost Seasons 11 and 12 is every mystery lover's idea of a good whodunit and a good time. This is a stellar MPI Home Video release.