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The Pistol Poets
Victor Gischler
Dell 2005
368 pages paperback

The Pistol Poets is a wild comic noir novel. If you like Kinky Friedman, Elmore Leonard, and Carl Hiaasen, you are going to like Victor Gischler. This mystery novel is good lightweight reading with more twist and turns than an economist s predictions. Gischler Kindle version

Jay Morgan is a poet and visiting writer-in-residence at some minor Oklahoma university. He wakes up next to a dead co-ed. The department chair asks him to look at the poetry of an old man who promised a donation. Turns out the old man is in Witness Protection. The old man helps Morgan with his problem. This is just the beginning.

Add another nubile coed, a libidinous and corrupt private eye, a hood from the hood with 100 grand of cocaine pretending to be an A student on a creative writing scholarship; Two other young poets from Morgan’s class who get involved with the hood; a professor on leave hiding on the vacant top floor of a university building; a few rednecks, and you have yourself a very crazy novel.

The Pistol Poets is not particularly memorable but is it good enough you will finish it and look up what else Victor Gischler has written. You might want to check out Tim Dorsey, Carl HIaasen ,and Laurence Shames