Hit Me A Keller Thriller
Lawrence Block
Mulholland Books 2013

Lawrence Block is a comfortable read. The author of some 200 mystery novels knows how to tell a good story featuring an interesting main character. One of these is contract killer and philatelist Keller. Hit Me if the fifth book in the Keller series and as always it is a good, easy read. Available on Kindle at Amazon

Hit Me by Lawrence Block finds Keller now living in New Orleans and living the life of Nick Edwards, a married man with a young child. This mystery is episodic as Keller is hired for hits on a guy’s wife, a woman’s husband, an abbott, a young boy, and takes a cruise to take out a guy soon to be in the witness protection program.

Meanwhile, Keller – Edwards builds up his public identity as an intermediary between those who have important stamp collections and auction houses. It is interesting but probably more so to philatelists.

Hit Me is simply a good read. Its format allows for it to be put down for a while and picked up later, making it the perfect travel or vacation read. The same can be said about many of Lawrence Block‘s mysteries