Three Graves Full
Jamie Mason
Gallery Books 2013


The last third of Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason is excellent and you can’t turn the pages fast enough. Getting to the last third of this mystery novel is a little more arduous than it should be. Three Graves Full is Jamie Mason’s first book and I will certainly pick up the second one. As for this one, wait for the paperback or skip it if you are an impatient reader. Kindle version at Amazon.

Generally mild-mannered Jason Getty has a secret. It is buried at the far end of his yard. Getty decides a little landscaping is in order and that uncovers two corpses he knew nothing about. This gets the attention of the local police detective and his sidekick as well as interest from the killer who put the bodies there.

Things eventually come to a head when the wife-to-be of one of the dead guys comes looking for information and closure in the middle of the night.

It is hard to figure out why but Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason never quite gets the reader committed. The elements are there, the writing is there, but there is something a little off about the main character or the telling of his story.

The ending is really weird. It also gives a hint as to why this book does not quite work: it is badly set up and Jamie Mason seems to know more than she discloses.