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Lovejoy ? The Complete Season Three
Ian McShane, Phyllis Logan, Dudley Sutton
Chris Jury, Joanna Lumley
13 Episodes 4 DVDs
Originally aired 1992
BBC / Warner Home Video 2008

Antiques Roadshow meets a scamp and larceny and intrigue in the BBC ‘s Lovejoy The Complete Season Three,  a 4 DVD 13 episode box set. If you are unfamiliar with Lovejoy a ballpark comparison would be Murder She Wrote goes antiquing with a comic touch and fewer bodies.

I expected Lovejoy to be more of a Midsomer Murders kind of deal so am somewhat disappointed in the series because of that. For what it is though Lovejoy is a well-written, entertaining, fun show. The main character's acolytes, Lady Jane Felshman (Phyllis Logan), Tinker (Dudley Sutton), and assistant Eric (Chris Jury) participate in the adventures and solving of the occasional case.

Not much really happens in many Lovejoy episodes. This is particularly true of episode 4 (DVD 1 of Lovejoy The Complete Season Three) where the antique dealer ends up on a frigate for a former captain's burial at sea. Most of the episode features the captain's three drunken brothers in arms boozing about and telling war stories. It does finally get around to a mysterious photo of Mussolini and an unknown man and some important war medals that were part of the estate.

The Hothouse Flowers appear in episode three when they give a charity concert and get ripped off by a man who also tried to rip-off Lovejoy.

At some point in time this season Jane and Eric split up.

Season Three of Lovejoy ends in a two-parter titled Highland Fling where the antique dealer and Lady Jane go to Scotland to visit yet another of her old friends who needs money and has an old bureau to sell. Unfortunately, someone replaced the original with a worthless fake. Lovejoy must figure out who removed the original and where the money went. This being the Scottish Highlands there is of course a ghost involved.

The episode also features a purloined pigsty of all things.

This is a pleasant show that is fun to watch but does not really stand out from the pack.