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A Night at the Operation ? A Double Feature Mystery
Jeffrey Cohen

The Double Feature Mystery series is one of two by Jeffrey Cohen. This one features second run theatre owner Elliot Freed. If you are a real movie fan, this series is really up your alley as Cohen inserts obscure references here and there as in-jokes. A Night at the Operation, the third book in the Double Feature Mystery series after Some Like It Hot-Buttered and It Happened One Knife is a decent enough read but not much more than that.

A Night at the Operation opens with Freed s ex-wife Sharon having disappeared at the same time one of her patients, a millionaire, is found dead. Sharon may be involved in that and Elliot sets out to find his ex-wife and figure out what happened.  It gets somewhat comically complicated after that. It also drags a bit.

The final scene in a Night at the Operation is quite fun. Marx Brothers fans will recognize the homage.

If you like lightweight mystery novels with a comic overtone, Jeffrey Cohen is an author you want to give a try. Otherwise, you could do better.

The other Jeffrey Cohen mystery series features stay at home dad Aaron Tucker. There is little to differentiate Tucker and Cohen in terms of character. The overall structure of both series is also quite similar in that the main character is pals with the local chief of police and so on.