Bubba and the Dead Woman
C.L. Bevill
ebook mystery

Available as a free ebook mystery from Smashwords Bubba and the Dead Woman is a very entertaining read. This is very much a comic, somewhat over the top yarn about a small town Texas good ol’ boy is accused of murdering his former fee-yon-say. C.L. Bevill knows how to build a story and interesting characters and there are more than a few of the latter in this mystery.

Bubba Snoddy works as a mechanic in Pegramville. One night circumstances make it he has to take the night shift at the convenience store attached to the garage. When he gets home he finds the body of his former fiancée in the bushes. The sheriff is convinced Bubba is a murderer and Bubba has to prove he is innocent.

This C.l. Bevill ebook mystery is a fun, lightweight read. There are lots of comic elements and characters in Bubba and the Dead Woman such as Bubba’s mother Miz Demetrice, a pretty waitress, a pretty deputy, a creepy real estate agent who wants to buy the Snoddy estate to put in a Wal Mart supercenter, and buried confederate gold.

The reveal feels rushed though it makes sense and shows this was a carefully plotted mystery. There are a few typos and such in this ebook mystery so caveat punctilious readers.