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Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid
Aria Wallace, Yannick Bisson, Jayne Eastwood
Directed by Eleanor Lindo
Originally aired Nickleodeon
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
91 minutes

This is the third movie in the Roxy Hunter DVD series that I have reviewed, and is the most mythical by far.  Aria Wallace stars as Roxy Hunter, a tween girl who is looking for adventure and mystery and finds it at every turn.

Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid is about Roxy wanting to win a $300 cash prize for the most interesting story from her local newspaper.  She stumbles upon a young woman who neither speaks nor understands language.  Roxy befriends this woman, and (with her mother’s reluctant permission) has her stay in their guest room.  With the help of her friends Roxy is able to solve the mystery of this mute woman, return her to her proper home, and catch the bad guy.

I feel that I need to write two reviews for this Roxy Hunter DVD: from a mom’s perspective and from a kid’s perspective.  As a mother, I was not too keen on this film.  Although the story is interesting, Roxy is impolite (often interrupting people with no regard for the situation); she lies to adults (on more than one occasion, she is asked why she isn’t in school, and she makes up a holiday to justify her truancy); she skips school; and she wanders off without telling anyone where she has gone.  I needed to point out to my kids that these are not appropriate behaviours (although they rolled their eyes and said in unison, “We know, Mom”).

From a kid’s perspective however, this is a really fun DVD.  There is a mythical creature, a young kid solves a mystery, and is able to save the day by discovering a plot to pollute the local pristine environment.  My kids have asked to watch this DVD  a few times since we got it.

I have to give this family DVD a mixed review.  For the story and how my kids reacted to it, it gets a pass; but for the example it sets, and the messages it sends (how I reacted to it), I have to say it disappoints.

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