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Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman Movie
Aria Wallace, Yannick Bisson
Made for TV
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
90 minutes


Roxy Hunter is the story of a young 9-year-old girl detective who has moved to a small community (Serenity Falls) with her widowed mother, and best friend Max (he’s living with them, as his parents are off on an archaeological dig).  She loves mysteries and loves solving them.

In Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman Roxy finds a stray dog, and follows it into the woods and comes across a strange man (whom she befriends), living in a makeshift camp.  As the 150th anniversary of the town approaches, strange things are happening around the town, and Roxy sets off to solve the mysteries.

Okay, lets start off with what’s good about this Roxy Hunter DVD.  The acting is good – Aria Wallace as Roxy Hunter is spunky and energetic.  The sets are well done – there was obviously a lot of care and time put into this aspect of the movie.

Where this movie really fell down for me was the story itself – really, a 9-year-old girl befriending an obviously mentally unstable man living alone in the woods?  Who is this story for?   As a mother of 4, I had to stop this movie a bunch of times and explain to my kids how stupid Roxy was being.

One example (of many): Roxy sneaks out of the house at night, to go onto the woods to talk to the strange man that she is convinced is a shaman. This movie plays like a “what not to do” when you find a stray dog., or want to solve a mystery.

The mother in this movie is clueless as to what her daughter is up to, and that’s another negative point about this movie.

Unless you want your kids thinking that it’s okay to wander off alone into the woods (without telling anyone where they are going), or trespass while looking for secret hiding places, I would not recommend this Roxy Hunter DVD  It’s really too bad, as I really enjoyed the first Roxy Hunter mystery (Mystery of the Moody Ghost and had high hopes for this one, all left unfulfilled.