Keaton’s Cop
Lee Majors, Abe Vigoda, Don Rickles
Directed by Robert Burge
Originally released 1990
MGM Home Entertainment 2011
Widescreen 95 minutes

Keaton’s Cop is a so bad it is sometimes funny>This straight-to-video (an eighties expression) cop movie now available as part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection of on-demand DVD. There is little to be said in defense of Keaton’s Cop aside from it being entertaining in spite of itself. This one is mostly for Lee Majors or Don Rickles fans. Few if any will complain about the quality of the print used for this DVD.

Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Man, plays Detective Gable.  Gable is divorced, angry, and solves cases by defenestrating the bad guy. He and his partner (Don Rickles) investigate the hit on a guy at an old folks home.  The killer killed the wrong guy, leaving former mob bookie Keaton (Abe Vigoda of Barner Miller) alive. A second hit goes bad and Gabe puts Keaton in protective custody.

In a very odd plot twists Gabe also connects with Keaton’s nurse and beds her the same night his partner is killed. Whatta guy! Another credible plot twist has Keaton and Gabe hitting the streets to solve the murders. You know Gabe is a good cop when he says, “Personally, I think “Big Momma” is a cover name.’

Gabe and Keaton drive around town trying to find clues or something. A couple of the scenes such as when Keaton takes a cab for a few blocks make little sense.

Eventually everything is resolved but you are not quite sure what Keaton’s Cop was all about.