Justice League
Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash
Directed by Zack Snyder
DVD Blu-Ray Digital
Warner Brothers 2018
120 minutes


Justice League is a fun action movie with all the necessary bells and whistles to keep fans of the genre happy and interested. Not being familiar with the story arc that precedes it in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman is not a hindrance to enjoying this action packed movie.  Justice League features Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. It also introduces (I think) Flash and Cyborg.

The premise is a villain named Steppenwolf (who was born to be wild, heh heh) is trying to gather three mythical boxes than brought together will summon Darkseid and destroy the earth. Of course the superheroes have to overcome something first like suspicion towards another superhero or a lack of interest in saving the planet.

The most interesting obstacles to surmount are with the Flash and Cyborg characters who both go through some form of superhero puberty crisis, especially Cyborg. That crisis is fun to watch, adds humor to the movie, and connects the teen male audience to the movie instantly.

Like all DC Comic movies, the pacing in Justice League is a bit slow, especially the getting Superman back part,  and the final confrontation between the villain and the superheros is where the action really keeps your interest. The secondary stories are less interesting but help move the story forward.  Getting Superman back is a bit of an awkward storyline.

Do not stop this movie as the credits begin to roll. There is a fun scene between Flash and Superman and a foreboding scene at the end featuring Lex Luthor that sets up the next movie in the franchise storyline.

Special features on the Justice League Blu-ray are Road to Justice about fifty years of the Justice League; The cast showing their appreciation for the DC franchise; New Heroes; The Return of Superman (bonus scenes); Steppenwolf the Conqueror; Scene studies segments:  Revisiting the Amazons, Wonder Woman’s Rescue, the tunnel battle, and Heroes Park; and Suit Up: the look of the League.  Features on the Justice League DVD are the same except for The Return of Superman