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Cash on Demand
Hammer Films Icons of Suspense Collection
6 Films 3 DVD
Peter Cushing, Richard Vernon, Andre Morell
Directed by Quentin Lawrence
Balck & white 1:66:1
Hammer Films 1963
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

Cash on Demand is an excellent British suspense made in 1963 by Hammer Films. It is one of six films in the Hammer Films Icons of Suspense DVD collection and one of the best. Hammer Films was not a big budget operation so Cash on Demand shows its theatrical origins through its very few locations but nothing can take away from this great suspense; not even the overly dramatic opening score.

Mr. Fordyce (Peter Cushing) is the punctilious and dictatorial manager of a small suburban bank branch. A man walks into his office and tells him he must do as he is told or his family will be harmed. An employee Fordyce berated discovers the situation and holds the fate of his Napoleonic boss’ family in his hands. This is the premise for Cash On Demand.

The bad guy is a man named Hepburn (Andre Morell). Hepburn has every detailed nailed down and thought of everything except the snow falling outside. He is quite the opposite to Fordyce’s and enjoys bringing him down a peg or two. When he learns Fordyce has never contributed to the employee Christmas party, Hepburn forces him to make a donation.

This suspense lies on the shoulders of both Cushing and Morell and they both give superb performances.

Cash on Demand is presented in the 1:66:1 format i.e. Fullscreen but with only small black bars on each side when you watch the DVD on a widescreen TV. It is part of the Hammer Films Icons of Suspense DVD collection.

This Hammer Film DVD set features 6 movies including Stop Me Before I Kill, The Snorkel, Maniac, Never Take Candy From a Stranger, and These are the Damned.

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