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Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 2
Night Editor,One Girl?s Confession
Women?s Prison, Over-Exposed
Cleo Moore Ida Lupino
4 Fullscreen movies 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

Once compared to Marilyn Monroe, starlet Cleo Moore stars in three of the 4 noir or pseudo noir thrillers in this 2 DVD collection of B-movies. Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 2 features Night Editor (1946), and the three Cleo Moore films  One Girl’s Confession (1953), Women’s Prison (1956), and Over-Exposed (1956). None of these films are classics but they are decent enough B-movies, the longest of which is 79 minutes long.

Women’s Prison stars Ida Lupino as a sadistic warden in your usual prison flick with the innocent prisoner (Audrey Trotter) being the target of the warden’s attentions.

Night Editor is not even 70 minutes long. The print here is decent enough but the blacks and whites are not crisp and some stock footage external shots seem to have been filtered through cheesecloth. Though it is told in a clumsily set-up flashback, this is a pretty decent film noir. It tells the story of a cop (William Gargan) who is cheating on his wife with a bombshell (Jill Merril). They witness a murder but the cop must keep quiet or the gig is up. Things get more complicated when the wrong man is arrested. Neither Merril or Gargan are particularly good actors and the writing is ham-fisted but the whole is decent and the finale original.

Cleo Moore is the star in Over-Exposed, another decent enough film. Moore plays smart cookie with a chip on her shoulder Lila Crane. Lila is befriended by an old photographer (Raymond Greenleaf) who takes a shine to her and after a little convincing teaches her the business. Lila then goes out on her own and learns an unwanted photograph can open a few closed doors. Unfortunately, Lila pushes her luck.

Over-Exposed takes a few romantic comedy turns here and there and isn’t really that noir but it is fun enough.

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