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Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike
Directed by Jonathan Mostow
Touchstone 2010
88 minutes

Surrogates is a thriller set in a life size Sims world. This Bruce Willis movie is not as action driven as the trailers want you to believe. It is instead driven by an interesting story, solid characters, and an eerie esthetics that does a good job of selling the premise. Surrogates is a whodunit with an SF twist.

A surrogate is a robotic and very lifelike representation of yourself. It is controlled by you in the comfort of your zero gravity chair in the comfort of your home. The surrogate does all the work and interacting for you. Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell are Greer and Peters, two FBI agents assigned to the first surrogate murder case in a long, long time. When a surrogate is killed, so is its operator, making the case than much more important.

It seems there is a new, illicit weapon that fries both the surrogate and the human owner’s brain. Willis tries to find that weapon and why someone is killing off surrogates. Could it be the responsibility of a group of humans who are living on the outskirts of society and who have opted out of the surrogate world? Is it more nefarious than that.

The back story is the relationship between Greer and his wife. Their marriage is strained and his wife will not interact with him directly but only through her surrogate. This back story allows Surrogates to bring forth a few interesting questions about the world portrayed in this movie.

Director Jonathan Mostow does not force these questions on the viewer nor does he force the answers. A welcome change in the way movies are being done.

At 88 minutes, Surrogates is a well-made, easy to watch, very interesting thriller you will probably want to watch again.