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Run Before the Wind [Mystery Books]: The young scion of the Lee family heads to Europe to take a year off from school and meets with an adventure that will define his life forever.

Runaway The Complete Series [Mystery TV]: Quickly cancelled Donnie Wahlberg series gets some degree of closure.

Running Blind - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: When Jack Reacher inadvertently draws the F.B.I.s attention while dispensing his own brand of justice he finds himself a suspect in an ongoing F.B.I. investigation that he must either solve or resign himself to prison.

Rusty Puppy [Mystery Books]: Joe R. Lansdale is an engaging story-teller with a smooth and easy style that puts the reader at ease with his characters by making them real, flaws and all. Hap and Leonard definitely have personalities. The dry wit and smart aleck banter between them is imaginative and entertaining.

Sacred Cows [Mystery Books]: Very good first mystery novel

Safe As Houses [Mystery Books]: Not original enough to be interesting and not interesting enough to be original.

Salt Blu-ray - Angelina Jolie [Mystery Movies]: Excellent geopolitical thriller with lots of action

Sandstorm: A Sigma Force Novel [Mystery Books]: Painter Crowe is off to investigate an explosion at the London museum as it may point the way to the most important energy source of all time.

Savages [Mystery Books]: Odd, cool, unusual, and great fun to read thriller

School Days - A Spenser Mystery [Mystery Books]: One of the better Spenser mystery novels. No Hawk, no Silverman.

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Complete Series in Mystery Van [Articles]: 41 episodes 8 DVD in realy cool Mystery Machine

Scream For Me [Mystery Books]: When Alex Fallon is called back to Dutton to care for the daughter of her missing step sister a series of chilling murders start to take place and they are all reminiscent of her sister's death thirteen years before.

Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy [Mystery Books]: Contract killer mom must deal with upcoming family reunion and contractual obligations in very funny mystery romance.

Sea Change - A Jesse Stone Mystery [Mystery Books]: The fifth Jesse Stone novel and a solid read.

See Them Die - An 87th Precinct Mystery [Mystery Books]: A very minor McBain mystery

Serial Killers [Mystery TV]: Court TV Serial Killers features the Boston Strangler, Gacey, and the Night Stalker

Shadow Of The Thin Man [Mystery Movies]: Of course the fact that there was only one Thin Man case in the Nick & Nora Charles series of movies is never really addressed directly but...

Shaft Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Still good Blacksploitation action movie with Richard Roundtree.

She s Leaving Home [Mystery Books]: Although She s Leaving Home contained elements necessary for a good thriller, this reader did not warm up to the book.

Sheba, Baby [Mystery Movies]: Sheba, Baby is the third action DVD in the Vibe Fox In A Box set and is a good blacksploitation B movie.

Sherlock - Season One [Mystery TV]: Excellent 3 episode season with Holmes in 21st century England

Sherlock Holmes [Mystery Movies]: Holmes and Watson investigate the unlikely resurrection of Lord Blackwood.

Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchie [Mystery Movies]: This mystery has everything.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Very good second Holmes starring Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack [Mystery Movies]: Excellent version of the Conan Doyle mystery series

Shooting Gallery [Mystery Movies]: A little violent, a little messy and very good.

Simple Genius - A Sean King / Michelle Maxwell Mystery [Mystery Books]: Convoluted plot with not much of a payoff. For real Baldacci fans only.

Skinny Dip [Mystery Books]: The usual Hiaasen comic mystery but not quite as good

Slipping Into Darkness [Mystery Books]: Decent mystery about a wrongly convicted man and the cop who set him up.

Snakes & Ladders [Mystery Books]: Not for the faint of heart, Snakes and Ladders is a very well done mystery

Snatch [Mystery Movies]: You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

So Cold the River [Mystery Books]: suspenseful, mysterious, and well-written story

Somebody Owes Me Money [Mystery Books]: Everybody thinks the cabbie did it in this comic Westlake mystery novel.

Song Of The Thin Man [Mystery Movies]: Nick Charles is going to retire, but not until he does one last thing...

Songs of Innocence a John Blake Mystery [Mystery Books]: Very original and very good paperback mystery novel.

Sony Pictures Massive Giveaway EASY Easy Contest [Articles]:

Spare Change - A Sunny Randall Mystery [Mystery Books]: Sunny Randall and her dad team up to find a serial killer. Not a bad novel.

Spiderweb [Mystery Books]: Self-help guru and confidence man rebels against his handler

Sprayed Stiff - A Hair-Raising Mystery [Mystery Books]: Decent lightweight cozy

St. Alban's Fire - A Joe Gunther Mystery [Mystery Books]: A pretty good Archer Mayor mystery featuring Joe Gunther

Stalker - A Joona Linna Thriller [Mystery Books]: Detective Margo Silverman receives a video made from outside a woman s window. This is the second such video. The first one has been connected to the murder of another woman. The videos and murders escalate while Silverman tries to figure out the motive and the killer.

Star Island [Mystery Books]: A hard slog even for Hiaasen fans

State of Fear [Mystery Books]: what happens when environmentalists are lead by lawyers who are more interested in results than they are in the facts?

State Of Play [Mystery TV]: Who topped the MP s mistress? Brilliant British mystery.

Step On A Crack [Mystery Books]: Excellent thriller. Easy read, hard to put down.

Stone Cold - A Camel Club Mystery [Mystery Books]: Third Camel Club mystery novel: not bad, not great.

Straight No Chaser [Mystery Books]: Straight No Chaser is an okay enough read. If you like a slow build and a big finale

Strange Practice [Mystery Books]: Dr. Greta Helsing is a London physician who takes care of things that go bump in the night: vampires, ghouls, mummies, and other supernatural beings.

Strangers on a Train - TCM Greatest Classic Films [Mystery Movies]: Classic story everybody knows about but few have really seen is not bad.

Street Kings [Mystery Movies]: Decent if messy who are the good cops here? DVD

Striptease Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Moore plays stripper with big ones who wants custody of her daughter

Surrogates [Mystery Movies]: Very good whodunit set in a near future.

Sybil - 30th Anniversary Special Edition [Mystery Movies]:

Tabloid City: a novel [Mystery Books]: 24 hours, the people, a murder. Buy it. Borrow it. Read it.

Take Out [Mystery Books]: Billed as a stand-alone novel, Take Out marks the final, although not chronological episode of Margaret Maron s mystery series featuring Detective Sigrid Harald. The 1990s time line takes us between Maron s previous books, Fugitive Colors and Three-Day Town.

Taken - Liam Neeson [Mystery Movies]: Former secret agent and estranged father Liam Neeson must rescue daughter Maggie Grace from white slavers.

Terror Street aka 36 Hours [Mystery Movies]: One of my favorite Hammer Film Noirs even if it is not a classic

The Abbey - An Ash Rashid Novel [Mystery Books]: Very good first mystery novel

The Affair - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Still with the 110th Jack Reacher is sent undercover to Carters Crossing to investigate the death of a local woman that may have met her fate at the hands of a soldier.

The Alexander Cipher [Mystery Books]: Good mystery novel but not a light read.

The Almost Moon [Mystery Books]: At once beautiful and horrifying, The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold is an engrossing and mesmerizing book

The Ambushers [Mystery Movies]:

The Anderson Tapes DVD [Mystery Movies]: Strange postmodern crime caper directed by Sidney Lumet with Sean Connery

The Atwelle Confession [Mystery Books]: More of an eventual light horror novel than a mystery per se, The Atwelle Confession is a quick and easy read.

The Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 1 [Mystery Movies]: Typhoid Mary kind of tale part of 4 movie not quite film noir collection

The Beast - The Complete First Series Patrick Swayze [Mystery TV]: Excellent but short-lived show about FBI agent Swayze and his rookie partner.

The Bee Keeper's Apprentice [Mystery Books]: When Sherlock Holmes meets a 15 year old girl who could be his intellectual equal a surprising friendship and inevitable crime solving results.

The Betrayed [Mystery Books]: This mystery could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The Betrayed [Mystery Movies]: Brilliant thriller DVD, a keeper.

The Big Heat - Columbia Film Noir Classics 1 [Mystery Movies]: Cop goes after Mr. Big and pays the price.

The Black Box - A Harry Bosch mystery [Mystery Books]: This time Bosch investigates a case dating back to the L.A. riots. Good but not great.

The Black Glove aka Face The Music [Mystery Movies]: Film noir mystery DVD that will please fans of the genre: Musician must clear his name.

The Black Ice - A Harry Bosch Mystery [Mystery Books]: Second in the series. Brilliant, of course.

The Blacklist - The Complete First Season [Mystery TV]: The Blacklist is brilliant, not to be missed.

The Body on the T [Mystery Books]: Very good second mystery in series. A great, light read.

The Bone Vault [Mystery Books]: The Bone Vault is a little long. The price of $34.99 (Cdn)/$30.99 (US) for not even a hard cover seems steep.

The Book Club Murder [Mystery Books]: The writing itself, however, leaves much to be desired.

The Book of Lies [Mystery Books]: An old biblical message is hidden in the first Superman comic.

The Book of Madness and Cures [Mystery Books]: An easy, relaxing read, The Book of Madness and Cures is really about the journey and not the destination.

The Book Of The Dead [Mystery Books]: Good thriller, better if you have read the first two books in the series.

The Bourne Sanction [Mystery Books]: World peace is under threat from modern day Nazis and only Jason Bourne can save the day in this sixth installment of the Bourne saga by Eric Van Lustbader.

The Brass Verdict - A Mickey Haller / Harry Bosch Mystery [Mystery Books]: 20th Connelly mystery brings Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch together with a bang (from a revolver)

The Brass Verdict - October 2008 [Mystery Books]: A lawyer s murder brings Harry Bosch and Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller together.

The Brave One [Mystery Movies]: Erica Bain actively seeks a new kind of therapy to recover from a NYC mugging in the form of a 9mm.

The Brave One [Mystery Movies]: After her boyfriend is murdered a NYC radio hostess becomes a vigilante.

The Bride Collector [Mystery Books]:

The Broken [Mystery Movies]: Strange thriller all style no substance.

The Broken Star - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mystery Movies]: Cowboy movie meets mystery in B movie

The Burglar On The Prowl [Mystery Books]:

The Burial Hour - A Lincoln Rhyme Novel [Mystery Books]: Rhyme is a forensic scientist who acts as a consultant on criminal investigations. NYPD Detective Amelia Sachs is his fiancee and fellow investigator. They are about to embark on their rather unusual destination wedding when they are called on to help with a kidnapping case, wherein a small noose is left as a chilling calling card.

The Burning Room [Mystery Books]: You simply cannot put it down.

The Camel Club [Mystery Books]: The first Camel Club mystery, a series that should be read in order.

The Candidate [Mystery Books]: Murder, mayhem and manipulation run rampant during a Presidential election. an exciting, suspenseful, and mufti-faceted novel.

The Cat Who Sang For The Birds [Mystery Books]: Fun cozy mystery

The Chef s Apprentice [Mystery Books]: Mystery set in Renaissance Venice.

The Collectors - A Camel Club mystery [Mystery Books]: Second The Camel Club mystery, The Collectors, is very good.

The Colorado Kid [Mystery Books]: Don't judge a book by its cover.

The Colorado Kid Audio book [Mystery Audio]: The Colorado Kid is basically the mystery novel deconstructed

The Concrete Blonde [Mystery Books]: This third Harry Bosch mystery is solid.

The Cozy [Articles]: A brief overview of the Cozy as a mystery style

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