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Mystery TV - More Than Murder

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Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Double Feature
Stacy Keach, Don Stroud, Lynn-Holly Johnson
Made for TV 1984
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
96 minutes

More Than Murder is one of two Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer made for TV mystery movies in the double feature box set that also includes Murder Me, Murder You. Both these mystery DVDs are excellent and Stacy Keach is great as hardboiled detective Mike Hammer who quips as much as he beds. This time, the detective is out to clear pal and police captain Pat Chambers after the latter is framed in a drug deal after a botched robbery.

More Than Murder features a bevy of buxom broads that Hammer beds before they conveniently get killed off. Lynn-Holly Johnson costars as a cute blonde who helps Mike Hammer in the investigation around a high-stakes poker game where all the players were robbed by two bad guys who then freefell off the skyscraper. Of course, D.A. Barrington and Hammer get into a tussle, especially because Barrington (Kent Williams) is intent on prosecuting Pat Chambers.

There is a lot of gunplay in More Than Murder though Keach also gets to show off some stamina outside the bedroom too. This mystery DVD has a fairly complicated plot and a truckload of secondary characters to keep the viewer interested. This made for TV mystery also stars Tim McIntire as a country-western singer who was present at the poker game and knows a lot more about what went on that he is letting on.

There is a certain tongue-in-cheek humor in the Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer made for TV movies that lead to its three-year run as an hour-long TV show from 1984 to 1987. In More Than Murder, you actually get a couple of bad guys who pull machine guns out of their guitar case.

More Than Murder and Murder Me, Murder You, part of the Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer Double Feature set are both excellent mystery DVDs.

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