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Mystery Books - Steve Cavanagh - The Plea

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The Plea
Steve Cavanagh
Hachette Book Group 2016


The Plea is the second in a series of Eddie Flynn legal thrillers by Belfast born lawyer Steve Cavanagh.

Having read—and reviewed—Cavanagh's debut novel The Defence (see link at the bottom of this review), I wanted to see how The Plea would stack up.  I was generally very happy with the result.

Murder, blackmail, and larceny.  At a robust 560 pages, The Plea features Eddie Flynn, a clever, quick thinking former con artist who now employs his unique set of skills as a crackerjack lawyer who can ferret out the truth and outsmart just about anyone.  This time, his wife is at risk.  In order to save her from a lengthy prison sentence, Flynn is forced to manipulate his way into representing a high profile murder suspect, and convince him to plead guilty and take a deal.  Doing so will also earn Eddie some cool cash.  Unfortunately, he is not sure if the man is responsible for the crime.

David Child is on the hook for the vicious killing of his girlfriend in his own apartment.  Physical evidence, the murder weapon, and a tight time frame paint a very dark and convincing picture of the heinous act being carried out by no one else but the accused.  Still, Flynn's instincts disagree, and he must make a choice.

The cons in Cavanagh's thrillers are particularly interesting.  They add a unique quality to the book.  Likewise, Flynn's commentaries on procedures and techniques are enjoyable features.

Although the ending becomes complicated by new information that explains crucial twists, The Plea is generally compelling; better written and smoother and better than The Defence.   Character development in is good, as Cavanagh provides information and insight into Flynn's background and private life, as well as the role and relationships of recurring characters.  Readers do not have to be familiar with his previous book.

Cavanagh will definitely go places as more Eddie Flynn thrillers find their way to the bookstores.

J Curran

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