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Mystery Books - Mike Martin - The Body on the T

The Body on the T
The Body on the T
A Sgt. Windflower Mystery
Mike Martin
Baico Publishing 2013


The Body on the T is the second Sgt. Windflower Mystery by Mike Martin.  This is an easy to read and entertaining novel. This is a police procedural about an RCMP officer in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. This mystery proved a very welcome change of pace from heavier thrillers with nefarious villains, complicated plots, numerous characters,and a larger-than-life hero. The Body on the T is the perfect mystery if all you want to do is kick back and enjoy a good read. Available at author's website

Sgt Winston Windflower is enjoying his posting in Grand Bank. He has a growing relationship with the owner of a local diner, a few good friends in the community, and very much enjoys the Newfoundland community where he has been posted. Things become a little less idealistic when a body is found on the beach, there is a second murder, and Windflower is asked by his boss to help bring down a drug smuggling operation. When tragedy hits close to home, Windflower has to carefully balance his personal and professional life.

The Body on the T is an excellent, lightweight mystery. This may sound pejorative to some but it is certainly not. The story is told in a straightforward, economical way that allows the reader to just enjoy the experience. Sergeant Windflower is an original and interesting character and Martin has surrounded him with a supporting cast that is just as interesting. The many little moments of local colour and history not only add to the flavor but also make a reader want to go and visit Newfoundland or buy the first book in the series.

Richard Lanoie

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