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Mystery TV - Alcatraz - Premieres Jan 16th 8 p.m. CITY TV

Alcatraz - Premieres Jan 16th 8 p.m. CITY TV
Sam Neill, Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia,
Pilot Jan. 16th 8 p.m.
Mondays 9 p.m.

Sam Neill, Sarah Jones, and Jorge Garcia are the main characters in Alcatraz. This new series premieres January 16th at 8 on CITY TV and airs Mondays at 9 thereafter. The premise is interesting and the acting is solid.

Madsen (Sarah Jones) is a San Francisco detective whose partner was killed in the line of duty. She is called to a crime scene but the scene is taken over by federal agent Hauser (Sam Neill). She does take one clue and discovers the crime was committed by an Alcatraz convict who died many years ago. She enlists the help Dr. Diego Soto, an Alcatraz historian, to solve the crime.

When Madsen gets too close to the real story, Hauser stops her and then enlists her on his special team. It seems everybody on Alcatraz, guards and all, vanished one 1963 night. 49 years later the criminals are reappearing and have not aged a day.

The questions are what happened, who or what is behind this crime wave, and why now?

This is a show that could become quite addictive if the writers do not get stuck in the formula the pilot episode hints at: a crime is committed, one of the Alcatraz 63 is responsible, and Madsen, Soto, and Hauser investigate and find out a little bit more about who or what is behind this dark project.

If Alcatraz goes beyond that but does not get too conspiracy theory on conspiracy theory weird, it will be a hit.

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