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Mystery Books - Tim Dorsey - Cadillac Beach

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Cadilac Beach
Tim Dorsey
Harper Torch 2004
400 pages paperback


Cadillac Beach by Tim Dorsey is an incredibly discombobulated comic crime novel set in Carh Hiaasen country, Florida. Both the author and his main character suffer from a major case of ADHD so trying to make sense out of Cadillac Beach is impossible. Yet there is something about Cadillac Beach that just keeps you reading. Even this usually impatient reader hung on to the end of this very wild and kaleidoscopic ride. Kindle edition

Serge and his best friend and inveterate stoner Lenny sort of operate a sort of guide tour of various famous Miami spots. This is an enterprise they embark on early on in Cadillac Beach but only after four of their clients kill a mafia boss on his way to witness protection. Throw in:
a new version of the Bay of Pigs and aged Cuban operatives
the CIA and the FBI both thinking the other is up to no good
a godfather out to avenge a killing
missing diamonds circa 1964 that Serge s grandfather had something to do with
a New York City sportswriter doing a piece on Miami
a tour company's clients accidentally get killed off one by one
and a crazy man off his meds trying to get the Today Show to go to Miami.

All this framed by Serge giving a misguided tour of important Miami spots and playing them clips from the TV show or the movie the location was featured in. Not that he ever takes his eyes off the prize: the missing diamonds.

Tim Dorsey s Cadillac Beach is a very wild ride and the most bizarre comic thriller I have come across in the last few years though I doubt you can read more than one of these books a year.

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