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Mystery Movies - Dirty

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Cuba Gooding Jr., Clifton Collins Jr.
Directed and written by Chris Fisher
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
97 minutes

For a movie to be interesting you have to know why you are watching it. Dirty, the cop mystery thriller DVD starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Clifton Collins Jr. makes this difficult. I understood this was supposed to be about Salim Adel, a cop gone bad (Gooding), and his partner, Armando Sancho, a former gang banger turned, trying not to go bad (Collins) but I really could not care less about what was going on in Dirty. This is a shame because the last twenty minutes or so of this cop thriller are very good.

Dirty director Chris Fisher either did not hire a light crew or could not afford to light his movie because everything here is dark and shadowy. I guess we are supposed to understand this is a mystery thriller movie about dark and shadowy stuff. I guess we are supposed to understand this is also a cop movie DVD about unfocused stuff because the whole movie looks unfocused and filmed on cheap tape and not film. Maybe you are supposed to get the feeling life is a constant runaround because there is also a lot of running around in Dirty.

The story of this cop movie is set during one day. Sancho and Adel are scheduled to appear before an IAD board after killing 2 gang members and a harmless old man. They spend the day scheme and stuff in the hopes of a big score. Adel (Gooding) goes around proving he is a bad cop while Sancho goes around trying to control his partner but also going along with the complicated illegal drug scheme his partner has agreed to be a part of. The scheme involves ripping off some Canadian Hells Angels and you know they are Canadian because one of them always has a hockey stick in his hand and they all say eh a lot.

Somewhere in Dirty is the point the cops are just another gang in the world of gang warfare.

One thing that is certain about Dirty is writer Chris Fisher sure watched a lot of hood crime movies because he sure has the lingo down if all bad guys have a vocabulary limited to F-this and MF-that. Perhaps that is why Cuba Gooding Jr. took this role: not too many lines to learn as long as he remembered those two key words.

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