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Court TV Crime Stories Mobsters
Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, John Gotti
Hosted by Richard Belzer
VVS Films 2006
135 minutes

Court TV Crime Stories Mobsters is a very good 3 documentary DVD that tells the story of three of the biggest, most popular, and most notorious mobsters in American history: Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, John Gotti. Each episode of Crime Stories Mobsters features archival footage, interviews with various crime experts. This Court TV DVD is a really cool and fascinating DVD.

Appropriately, the first feature on Court TV Crime Stories Mobsters is the story of Al Scarface Capone. Unless you are a total Capone fan and have everything about him, this crime story will reveal a multitude of information about Al Capone, his story, his associates, and the people who tried to bring him to justice. For example, something I did not know about the Capone story is how the Feds got Scarface's accountant to turn on the Chicago Mobster in a tactic any modern lawyer would contest in court to get any evidence gained from it overturned.

Also on this Court TV DVD is the episode on Jimmy Hoffa. It plays very much like an A&E Biography as do all the shows on this Crime Stories Mobsters. Unlike many other documentaries about Jimmy Hoffa, this one spends a lot of time on the public and legal fight between Robert Kennedy and the head of the Teamsters. It seems that Hoffa's middle name, Riddle, was ominous as questions as to where Hoffa is residing (some say under the end zone at Giant's Stadium, some say shredded and dispersed in a mob-owned landfill site) is still unresolved. However, it is the focus on the many attempts by the federal government to get Hoffa that make this a better crime story feature than most such documentaries on the subject.

No Crime Stories Mobsters DVD would be complete without Al Capone nor would it be complete without a story on the modern Scarface, Teflon Don John Gotti. The crime story on this guy also known as the Dapper Don is fascinating. The documentary follows John Gotti from his early days as a street hood to his reaching the pinnacle of New York organized crime.

John Gotti was not known as the Teflon Don for nothing. The Court TV story on this guy spends a lot of time chronicling the efforts of the government to find proof that will stick to the mafia boss. They finally get the proof they need by bugging a little old lady's apartment and turning one of his people, Sammy the Bull Gravano (King Rat according to the New York Post), after making him listen to a tape where Gotti is insulting him.

If you are into mobsters or know someone who is this Court TV Crime Stories DVD is a must have.